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Wednesday, December 4

11:00am PST

Dataflows for Power BI
Get and overview of Dataflows and how it integrates data lake and ETL technology directly into Power BI to enable anyone with Power Query skills.

Before diving into details we will go through the architecture and demonstrate the bigger picture for Dataflows in Power BI.
We will go through how you can create, customize and manage data within the Power BI experience in a simpler way. Part of this will also be to go through Common Data Models which contains the business entities across your organisation.
This will help your organisation simplifying modeling and is intended to prevent multiple definition for the same data.


Bent Nissen Pedersen

Chief Architect, Datheos

Wednesday December 4, 2019 11:00am - 12:00pm PST
Merode 3/4

1:45pm PST

From BI to AI, power your analyses
Since Business Intelligence has appeared in organisations, users have many questions about data :
"I doubt the quality of my data, how can I check it?"
"My indicator is decreasing, I'd like to understand why!"
"I have too many detailed elements, how can I synthesize?"
"I can see what happened, but I would like to look to the future..."

Statistical analysis is a good method to answer but requires advanced knowledge (and often R or Python code...).

Some powerful features of Power BI now allow users to reach a real explicative and predictive analysis. Let's discover and evaluate them... with a little bit of method!


Wednesday December 4, 2019 1:45pm - 2:45pm PST
Merode 3/4

3:00pm PST

Building a Modern Datawarehouse and Power BI Solution in Microsoft Cloud
Data warehouse and BI market is evolving rapidly with the appearance of new cloud born technologies. We might assume, that moving an existing Microsoft based DWH to the cloud is an easy step, but when we dig a little bit deeper, we will see, there are many-many new technological choices and aspects on how to modernize an existing dwh/bi system in the cloud. Not to mention if we start everything from scratch in a new project designed specifically to the cloud to utilize cloud flexibility and innovation as much as possible.
Which ETL tool should I use? Data factory v2 with SSIS and BIML, or Azure Databricks powered Dataflows? Or Power BI Dataflow? Which is the right decision to run OLAP workloads? Azure AS? Or simply Power BI? When do I need Azure SQL DWH?
In the last couple years I helped many customers to modernize their DWH landscape partially or fully in the cloud and during my presentation I will share my findings and recipes for the most common situation I met. You will have fun:)

avatar for Gergely Csom

Gergely Csom

Head of Enterprise Analytics, Principal Architect, Abylon Consulting
Data and AI expert with 15+ years of experience in various data warehousing, BI and AI projects in FSI, Oil&Gas, Energy and Transportation. Experienced trainer, mentor, regular public speaker in various events. Nowadays building the best in class data team for helping our customers... Read More →

Wednesday December 4, 2019 3:00pm - 4:00pm PST
Merode 3/4

4:15pm PST

Paving the Way to Corporate Power BI
You have your first successes with Power BI. Great!
But… are these fine reports future proof? How can you engage them on a corporate level and what are the subsequent potential pitfalls? How to drive user adoption?
In this session, we share some best practices on these topics, we shed a light on high-level Power BI architecture & licensing, and check the Power BI features which can facilitate the path to corporate Power BI!


Wednesday December 4, 2019 4:15pm - 5:15pm PST
Merode 3/4
Thursday, December 5

9:00am PST

How to define a successful Power BI deployment strategy in your company
In this session, we will see which governance rules regarding Power BI should be respected in order to successfully deploy Power BI in a corporate BI approach and how to govern the Self-Service BI reports that key-users will build.
We will address a lot of topics such as the ability for key-users to add new tables to the existing model in a SSBI way.
We will also talk about the different ways to use Power BI for corporate BI purposes and which modelling option to choose (Tabular, Multidimensional cube, PBI model, ...)
The session will be designed for Business analysts and developers with an intermediate level of Power BI.

Thursday December 5, 2019 9:00am - 10:00am PST
Merode 3/4

10:15am PST

Best Practices for Power Query
Power Query is probably the easiest way to extract, transform and load data. With just some clicks, your data is cleansed and transformed. Things get complicated when you need more queries for your model. If you don't create structure, queries tend to get messy.

This session is all about structuring your queries. Using groups, local and global parameters, documentation in M and creating small, but beautiful M-code. Applying common sense will bring you to create better queries. We will also discuss how to apply these best practices to Dataflows.

avatar for Henk Vlootman

Henk Vlootman

CEO, Quanto
The top in Europe on professional Power BI from the view of the business
avatar for Michiel Rozema (MVP)

Michiel Rozema (MVP)

Microsoft MVP, Quanto
Michiel Rozema is a data platform MVP focusing on Power BI. Working as a Data Insight Lead for Microsoft in The Netherlands for 8 years, he launched Power Pivot for Excel and Power BI in the country. He is author of two Dutch books on Power Pivot and Power BI modeling, founder and... Read More →

Thursday December 5, 2019 10:15am - 11:15am PST
Merode 3/4

1:00pm PST

Let’s have some fun(ctional) with M (Power Query/Power BI) language!
You know how to use Power BI or Power Query to load data from different sources but you want to go further than limiting yourself to the UI? You’re tired to look at auto-generated code and don’t understand the key concepts of this powerful ETL language? Then, this session is for you. During 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to write code in this functional language. Starting with syntax, primitive and structured values; we’ll quickly jump to the creation of expressions and functions and the usage of some recurrent patterns. This session contains many demos and real-life use-cases that you’ll be able to transpose to your own projects.

avatar for Cédric Charlier

Cédric Charlier

Data architect

Thursday December 5, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm PST
Merode 3/4

2:15pm PST

Troubleshooting Power BI Report Performance
So you've built a Power BI report with all the shinies? Good!
After some usage, users have reacted that it's a bit sluggish in usage, and they're not keen on using it anymore.

Starting off with the new Performance Analyzer Pane, we'll demonstrate how you can pinpoint bottlenecks in your report, and take actions on these insights.

With the myriad of root causes that are out there, an elimination approach might suit us very well.
Some of the main causes will be explained, and we'll get you going on how you can fix it for yourselves.

Be it DAX-measures, modelling issues, or an overload of visuals.
Every report can be tuned to handle like a dream, and you can do it too!

avatar for Benni de Jagere

Benni de Jagere

Senior Data Insights Consultant, Realdolmen
Benni De Jagere is a Senior Data Insights Consultant at Realdolmen, with a strong focus on the Microsoft (BI) Stack.On a daily basis he turns (large amounts) of coffee into insights for customers, and references witty British comedy way too often. Overly enthusiastic about anything... Read More →

Thursday December 5, 2019 2:15pm - 3:15pm PST
Merode 3/4